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When my daughter was young, we always celebrated her half-year birthday. People with birthdays around Christmas understand how underrated your special day can feel when bigger celebrations are happening. So, since my grandmother’s July birthday fell on my daughter’s half-birthday, we celebrated both together. I’m glad we did.

This week, as I turned the calendar to July, my husband reminded me that the year is half over. Indeed, it is. We’re halfway there.

So, I’m celebrating—a half-year of joy. I had reasons to smile every day.

I’m celebrating a half-year of sweet family times—big things like birthday parties and a high school graduation and the weekly times that were ordinary but fulfilling.

I’m celebrating that I was able to get together for lunch with lifelong friends.

I’m even celebrating Facebook—a place where I can meet with friends anytime.

I like to think that the year isn’t half over, but that there’s a whole half-year left to enjoy! I know for some it hasn’t been an easy first half-year.

But July’s summer sun is a warm reminder that we have six more months to help us heal, have hope, and happiness.

I’m also thankful you are here sharing 2023 with me. Happy Halfway!


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