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Being Refurbished

I took a picture of this terrific guy who has been alongside me on life’s journey for over forty-five years. I’ve had way more life with him than without him. We’ve gotten older together.

Speaking of older things, a friend recently shared a photo of a beautifully refurbished dresser. His wife keeps old treasures that can be sanded, painted, and spiffed-up to look wonderful again.

His perspective made me chuckle: The old stuff I want to get rid of, she repurposed. So happy she looks at me with the same eyes.

Indeed. We should treasure the people in our lives and see their worthiness even if we need to be refurbished a bit.

Oh, we'll get refurbished by life’s challenges. They say life can be like sandpaper, filing down our rough edges. But as we get older, we can be better versions of ourselves.

Love refurbishes us too. It’s not like sandpaper, it’s softer, kinder. Love is so needed.

I’m thankful my husband has gentle eyes to see me as worthy, even as I’m being refurbished.


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