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Friends for Life

I was walking behind my mother-in-law and her longtime friend as they slowly made their way towards their apartments. They have lived through many decades of change.

They both have grown-up grandchildren, and their share of aches and pains. They’ve each lost their mates and have found that their friendship has become more treasured in this season of life.

They enjoy weekly bingo games, have their meals together, and go to concerts and celebrations hosted by their senior living community.

They were once young moms and remember so many of the same things from the years they shared over a lifetime.

Having a good lifelong friend is a gift to our heart. It takes an investment of time, love, and a desire to value someone who will walk alongside you the rest of your journey.

I smiled as I watched them walk together. And I’m thankful they have one another. A friend in the sunset years is a true gift.


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