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When I’m 94!

Tom’s mom will have her 94th birthday next week. She’s strong, savvy, and continues to show me just what a combination of faith, love, and determination can do.

As a child migrant worker she accomplished more than some who were twice her age. Even with frequent moves, she was smart, capable, and graduated right on time.

She has lived with chronic medical conditions, but hasn’t lost her tenacious can-do spirit.

In a word, I’d describe Bernadean as resilient.

Do you recall the Beatles’ song, “When I’m 64”?


This is my version for an amazing woman who is a spry 94.



When I’m 94


When I get older never losing my flair

Many years from now

Will you still be texting me reminders

Daily greetings with things I require?

If I do something you don’t think I can

Let me show you now

No need to doubt me, you won’t be without me

When I’m ninety four.


I can be handy when mending a shirt

I can do so much

I can solve words puzzles without a guide

Take my wheelchair and go for a ride

Doing my dishes, keeping my place

Who could ask for more?

No need to doubt me, you won’t be without me

When I’m ninety four.

If you’re blessed to have an elder in their nineties, listen to their wisdom, record their stories, and get ready to be inspired.


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