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What is up with United Dreams?

Let me boil this post down to as few words as possible: Next Chapter.

After a successful 34 year career operating an independent business as a husband and wife team, marketing Washington State and Oregon apples, pears, and other fruit, we decided to close down our business.

Retirement looks different for everyone and our version was truly unique to our lifestyle we have been living since we moved to Freshwater Bay in 1995. We love being home and hanging out in nature, especially at the nearby beach.

But if you know me, you know that my original songs have been an unresolved challenge, to make music in a way that I would want to release to the public. It is a very long story for a later post, but let me say 2020 was the year that I had the chance to focus on my overdue music project.

So 22 songs later on two album projects, here I am, a little fish in an ocean, not just a pond.

What is the end game for my music career? Great question. Let me say it is not to be famous, or to make money, but it is to try to promote my songs so the music gets the momentum it needs to be found by the people who will enjoy it.

What I am discovering is that the music industry is saturated with original unknown artists like me. But when I listen to my songs, it gives me hope that it is a matter of time and persistence to develop a real following and hopefully connect with listeners in a personal way.

One thing I want to say is that album one, Tell the World About My Lord and album two Traveling Roads are totally different themes. In 2020, with Covid kicking in, I wanted to do an album of my faith based music. It was important for me to set the benchmark on what was most important to me and that is my relationship to God through Jesus Christ.

The latest album, Traveling Roads is musical therapy for the mind. It is poetry set to music that tells my story and insights about life and how to live. It gives you a chance to let your mind ponder through the chords and layers of melodies. I hope you enjoy traveling with me.

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