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Watering the Seeds

Walking back from the library, my granddaughter exclaimed, “I’m going to climb that.”


I looked over at the daycare play structures we were walking past and assumed she meant the climbing wall that led up to a slide.


“No, that!” She was pointing straight ahead. “That mountain.”


Such a lofty goal for one who was not yet five. But, why not? Why not encourage lofty goals?


Within each of us are seeds of inspiration, capabilities, and joy. It’s in the soil of our life experiences that these seeds grow.


I’m here to help water my granddaughter’s seeds. Just as you are helping water other people’s seeds.


The somewhat outlandish ideas may be what leads to new inventions, businesses, or solving critical problems.


Eventually, I expect my granddaughter will climb that peak, or something else worthy of her efforts. Her seeds are growing.


May your seeds keep growing too—just as you water other’s seeds. Perhaps what grows will be things that make our world a bit better.



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