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Treasured Grad-O-Grams

I placed our letters in the mailbox, clearly marked Grad-O-Grams. My daughter had asked if we wanted to write our soon-to-graduate grandson, a short letter.

The template she provided gave us an idea of what it was all about—maybe a memory we enjoyed together, or words of encouragement, and a hearty congratulations.

Then last June, graduation came with a big rush of activities, and it was a week or so afterwards that I saw a large envelope with my grandson’s name on it—containing all his Grad-O-Grams.

He’d been reading some of the letters—and I was surprised with the amount that were inside.

A middle school teacher wrote him about their time in class—and a private joke they shared. It would remain private.

His elementary math teacher expressed his congratulations and recalled how he was amazed that he would rather use his mental math skills than a calculator.

Friends wrote too.

I only read the ones he showed me. But I did save the large envelope and put it with his keepsakes. One day those letters will have even greater significance.

Perhaps we don’t realize the power of a personal letter—telling someone what their life meant to our own.

Those words are precious now and only get more valuable with time.


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