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Thoughts and Prayers

I wish the phrase “thoughts and prayers” hadn’t become so tainted by having it said too often without much hope for real answers.

I’m one of those people who loves to pray for others. At my age, I’ve seen enough answered prayers to believe in prayer’s power.

I get calls or texts asking for prayer. Social Media can be a place for prayer too. Some are fighting cancer, others chronic disease. Some have tough decisions to make. A few are facing financial woes. And then there are others journeying with heart wrenching losses.

I don't have all the answers, but I promise I’ll pray.

I’ll always remember praying at Jerusalem’s Wailing Wall—a poignant remnant of the old Jewish Temple—a place well acquainted with suffering. I heard prayers spoken in foreign languages—from people who’d traveled thousands of miles to pray while leaning against this ancient wall. As had I.

Quiet prayers, fingers touching the wall, cheeks wet with tears. I touched the cold stones and prayed alongside them. I saw hundreds of folded notes in the cracks of the massive wall—written prayers left behind. I tucked my own prayers into a crack.

Easter reminds me that I don’t have to travel to Israel to pray. God knows it all. He sent his Son to help us live in this tough, broken world. We can pray anytime, anywhere. Jesus even prays for us, especially when we can’t find the words.

Perhaps you are facing a tough season in life. Easter is our reminder that Jesus came to walk with us—the whole way. He didn't come to condemn us, but to save us.

And that's the best answer to a prayer that could ever possibly be.


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