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The Final Drive

We said goodbye to our faithful truck this week. While I knew this day would eventually come, I didn’t think I would be the one behind the wheel driving the final Farris miles.

But it gave me time to recall some of its good deeds.

Within the first month of ownership, we loaned it to our youth pastor, and he hauled a truck full of teens to a big event in Portland. Soon after, the pastor took the truck, boat, and youth group to the lake for tubing.

Truck and trailer took father and son fishing.

Thousands of miles were driven for baseball practices, games, and tournaments.

The truck was even used to carry the youth football team in our local parade.

It became my husband’s camper/business office during his brief stint as a Major League Baseball scout.

It was part of our jet skiing years.

The truck faithfully hauled our daughter’s family belongings for several career moves.

The truck moved our son to and from college.

It never complained about bearing the trailer weight of our tractor.

We shared our hopes for the future as we drove along the highways.

We grew older together.

It’s just an old truck I tell myself as I turn off the ignition for the final time.

It seems like I’m leaving a friend who traveled the distance with us and for us.

We did life together with that truck.

But we walked away with miles of memories.


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