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Take Your Time

I calculated that I’d walked past the badly weathered Take Your Time sign about six hundred times. The sign was once bright red and the lettering clearly visible.

Now it’s cracked, with peeling paint, and I wonder how many more seasons it will last. The sign looks old, but its message remains as vibrant as ever: Take Your Time.

I thought of how time has changed my life in the years I’ve been walking past that sign.

I love my To-Do lists, crossing everything off, before I can take my time for anything else—which can include people. Sometimes in my list-crossing rush, I forget to take my time to enjoy the moments.

But I walk by this sign on the way to my grandkid’s home. It’s as if God knew I needed a reminder every week, to take my time to enjoy them—really listen to them, and experience life with them. Forget my list. Watch them grow.

I hope the sign has helped others like it helped me. Too bad it’s nearly gone.

So, I was delightfully surprised a few weeks ago, seeing a new Take Your Time sign! The paint is fresh, and the words bold and clear.

At my age, I have less time to take, so maybe this heart-shaped sign is more significant for people like me. But in the start of a busy Christmas season, it’s a good reminder for us all, to not miss the chance to enjoy the moments, love well, and Take Your Time.


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