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Spring Cleaning Time

Mom gave us fair warning—bring our work clothes. It was her annual spring cleaning—something I’d been part of since my childhood.

I put our toddler son on my back while I sorted and packed things to be given away. Mom was relentless in scrubbing her cupboards and keeping only what she needed. I held up a beautiful sweater for her decision—“Give it away.”

Tom fired up the chain saw and got to work outside—trimming low hanging tree limbs, and gathering up the windfalls from a tough winter.

Even our daughter was put to work—sweeping the porches and filling the bird feeders for spring’s return.

We all worked hard, stopping only to eat the meals Mom prepared. She was thinner, but mighty in spirit. Spring was coming and this was her favorite season. Mom loved renewal and that’s what spring offered.

We pulled weeds in her meager flower garden—being mindful at Mom’s direction, not to dig up her beloved daffodils. Soon, bright yellow blooms would welcome warmer days.

By the end of our two-day stay, the cabin was clean inside and out. We packed up our work clothes and headed home—not fully appreciating that it would be our final spring cleaning with Mom.

But every spring since then, I do my own brand of spring cleaning. I tackle it with Mom’s fervor. I look for things to give away. But even better, spring is my chance to see what I can grow in my heart and mind that will help me be more productive the rest of the year.

I’m still careful with Mom’s daffodil bulbs because they are a precious reminder of her. Happy Spring!


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