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Shedding for the Wedding

There was once a reality show about shedding for the wedding—it was a couples’ competition to see who could lose the most weight to win a dream wedding.


When our son and future daughter-in-law set their wedding date, it became our reason to shed excess weight.


But for us, it was a different shedding. Over the decades, we’d  accumulated lots of excess stuff. Having acreage and a large outbuilding gave us plenty of room to keep it all. And we did.


Now, in a few short months, we’d be having visitors, wedding photos on the property, and if we didn’t get after it, some embarrassing junk piles for folks to see.


Interesting thing about excess stuff, we tend to get used to it. For years, I walked past the piles, the boxes, and the clutter.


We always thought we might use the stuff….eventually.


We got to work, and thankfully, we’ve shed thousands of pounds.


Most everything we got rid of is somewhere else being useful to others.

Weddings are a new beginning, and I feel like our place has a new beginning.

Everything looks beautiful, just like a bride on her wedding day.



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