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Not Only Love

Even after I left home, Dad always sent me a Valentine’s Day card.

I could tell he spent time looking at all the card selections because he seemed to choose the one that made the best connection to where I was in my life right then.

Around the time this photo was taken, I was seven years into my marriage, and we'd bounced around quite a bit. Dad knew that we loved each other, but I think he wondered if our love would be strong enough to carry us through married life.

Most of the time his Valentine’s Day cards were bright and cheery—red and pink hearts, filled with poetic words about love. This time his card was bold and different.

The front featured the words,

Not Only Love

Inside was a single Bible verse:

And whatever you do, do it with kindness and love. 

1 Corinthians 16:14

Dad had then written the following note:

Kindness and love will keep you afloat when life’s waves wash over you.

Love and kindness. What a perfect blend.

Yes, they are like life’s floatation devices in a turbulent sea. It wasn’t a typical Valentine’s greeting, but it’s one that I never forgot.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, may you have a full measure of both love and kindness—enough that you can share it in a world that truly needs both.


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