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Never Give Up Dreaming Unitedly

Updated: Jul 11, 2021


It is all about uniting our dreams into a lifestyle, thus the band name United Dreams. It is finding a way to live out your dreams today, or for sure, soon. Hi, my name is Tom Farris of United Dreams. Let me tell you this, you can do it. My goal is to encourage you so you can have your own United Dream.

Case in point, look at this photo. What do you see? There are many answers and they are all correct. So, here is the first important point, find your sanctuary and pursue a goal. This is what I am doing. My goal is to hike with my wife, Karen, from our log cabin to the Elwha River and back. We go straight out our door, down the beach trail and start walking to the Elwha River. It is a 6-mile round trip and takes about 2.5 hours.

The tides have to be low enough and out long enough to do the entire trek. The weather has to be cooperative as well in order to enjoy the experience. All that said, why do it? This blog won't hold all the words, but I will say it is in our fiber, we live to take this hike together. I will explain this more at another time.

Think about what you can do to take yourself, or your mate, family, friends, or your pets on an adventure near where you live. No matter where, look for the new way to incorporate that "new thing" into your daily life. See what you what you discover.

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