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Music is a Lifelong Friend

While living through our time of farming poverty, we tried to add some income by combining our love of music with performing in a lounge. It didn’t last long.

The biggest problem was that we didn’t play cover songs, so no one knew what we were playing, thus, we didn’t draw much of a crowd. We bowed out before we were asked to.

I’m not much of a performer either. Oh, I can get through it, like I used to do for my childhood piano recitals, but I’m a bucket of sweat and anxiety.

Now, because we are trying to “save” our music for posterity’s sake, I’m heading back to our home recording studio to give that old music another chance.

However, I’m trying to decipher my musical notations from the 80’s. This is not to be confused with actual music a piano player could read. No, these are embarrassing scribbles that I wrote on envelopes (I don’t know why I used envelopes, except that I had a bunch of them back then).

There’s something about music, even though I haven’t played those songs for years, they came back, just like lifelong friends, and we picked up where we left off.

I keep telling Tom, that our music will always be part of who we are—because it was such a part of our story from the beginning.

But isn’t music a part of all of our stories?

The universal thing about the music you love, is that it goes into your ears, then into your mind, and then it comes to live in your heart. And that is something that isn’t lost with time. Music can be a lifelong friend.


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