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Madison Diner Memories

I’ve been inside the Madison Diner just a few times—but I’ll always remember those moments when fresh made, real ice-cream milkshakes were delivered in frosty-cold metal containers—with a tall glass and a spoon to enjoy it slowly. It’s far more than a serving—but no one here is keeping score.

My grandson was about six on our first visit to the Madison Diner (now he’s graduating high school. He ordered a full-sized milkshake—and all thoughts of the accompanying chicken strips and fries were lost as he made every effort to finish it. He and his Papa made a pilgrimage on their own several years later.

Since then, I’ve walked past the diner hundreds of times. And every time I remember those smiles between the delicious sips. Even though I don’t recall all the conversations, I remember sharing it with those I loved.

A few legendary Madison Diner milkshakes over the course of a decade isn’t too much of an indulgence. Even though the delicious shakes don’t last, the memories do.

I hope there’s a Madison Diner in your life—it’s where life can slow enough to enjoy the moments that don’t last.


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