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Life Lessons and Wardrobe Wisdom

While searching for an older photo I found this one. I shook my head and smiled. I’m not sure why I had so many one-piece outfits in my wardrobe, but I did, and this one was summery and quite pink. Next to Tom’s purple shorts, we were a real match.


After wincing at my outfit choice, what got me thinking were the role changes since then.


Tom and I have shifted into the grandparent’s spot. Our daughter is now raising kids, and our son is nearing the age I was in this picture. Both are hard at work—like we once were.


Then, I contemplated my younger self. As much as I felt I had control of my life back then—me in my pink onesie, I didn’t. I hadn’t learned how little I could really control, even though I tried. I eventually realized I could control only me—and that was not always successful.

In my younger years, I thought keeping those I loved on a tight leash would prevent problems. Kind of a fear-based control.


Also, over the intervening years, I’ve seen how goodness, smiles, and love go much further than angry looks, hard words, and strife.

Maybe this is the upside of getting older. No more leash holding, and less stress.


I’m grateful for many things—a loving God who gave me a wonderful family, and who gave me the lessons I needed as I grew older. Faith replaced my fear.

I’ve been able to make wiser decisions along the way.


Even the decision to avoid wearing one-piece outfits.


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