• Tom Farris

I Don't Get It

Because so many people are refusing to get a Covid-19 vaccination, a one-man rock band, United Dreams, wrote a protest song, I Don’t Get It. It can now be heard on all major streaming services, like Spotify. The 64 year-old-singer songwriter, Tom Farris states, “It doesn’t make sense to me why people would want to lose a great job, or put children and the elderly in danger.” Farris points to the higher infection rate for the unvaccinated. As a child, he recalled the nation’s patriotism that led to citizens lining up for shots to eradicate polio and smallpox. Farris hopes this song’s release will encourage people to share it with unvaccinated friends and family and then ask, “Why not get a vaccination?” The data supports the need to be vaccinated and then have the booster to curb the new Covid-19 delta variant. New York Times recently published an article about Farris’s home town, where the Clallam County Healthcare administrator has been threatened by unvaccinated locals, upset about the mandates. Farris says, “The county has a 61% vaccination rate and to see our county make the New York Times for threats to our health official for trying to keep us safe motivated me to release this song.” Currently, Covid-19 has killed over 5 million people worldwide, with close to 250 million cases. Over 7 billion people have been vaccinated. Farris commented, “Please be safe and do your part because humanity is begging us to end this pandemic. If we could all agree to get a Covid-19 vaccine and booster.

Artwork used by permission: Roy B. Pettus

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