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Honoring the Gold Stars

This is the photo that broke off a piece of my heart and changed me. The American flag placed in the hands of the mother of a soldier killed in action. This will always remind me why I honor Memorial Day.

Betsy Schultz lost her son, Joseph, on Memorial Day 2011. Her life was irrevocably changed. She used her grief to gather friends, family, and hundreds of volunteers to complete the Captain Joseph House—a place of respite for those coping with the same loss Betsy understands so well.

Too often I hear my own complaining about how bad things are, but I haven’t lost my only son.

So, this weekend I especially remember the families of those who do know this loss, live with it every day, and find ways to keep living in honor of those they loved and lost.

It’s called the ultimate sacrifice—and to those who live with the loss, you have my heart.


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