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Holy Land

I’m not a traveler. But when I had a chance to visit the Holy Land, I purchased a new suitcase and got my passport. This was the one trip I’d taken many times in my heart and mind. Now it was happening for real.

When I arrived in Israel, I felt like I was on sacred ground.

I heard so many foreign languages all around me.

Reverence for where we were transcended language barriers.

We’d all come to walk where Jesus had walked.

The history of the Jewish people is wrought with pain, struggle, war, and oppression.

There were tremendous times of blessing, followed by grief and exile.

Even modern times have been horrific. Visiting the Holocaust Museum turned my insides out. Who are we as humans who could do such evil? The truth was laid bare….so it would never happen again.

Yet, it is happening again.

Jesus was asked, “What’s the greatest commandment?”

Love God and love one another. (Matthew 22:37-39)

It’s an easy answer to remember, but sadly, it’s tragically hard to live out.


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