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Hearing Her Name

During the awful Covid summer of 2020, I spent a lot of time in our forest, just quietly pulling the prickly invasive vines growing amongst the sword ferns. Since I was on my knees quite a bit, it was the perfect time and place to pray for my family and friends. No one seemed to be having a great summer.

One afternoon, sunshine warmed the air, and a slight breeze rustled the tree branches. Two eagles perched high above me—keeping watch over the sea below.

I started praying for my son, Tommy. His business had suffered greatly with all the Covid restrictions. It was hard to be hopeful. Would his business even survive? My heart ached for him, so I kept praying.

Then I heard a voice. I stopped and looked around. No one but me.

It must have been inside my own head. But it sounded different than my own voice.

I’ve had friends say they’ve heard God speak to them. But that’s never happened to me.

I didn’t hear the voice again and I’d only heard one word: Sara.

Did the name “Sara” have something to do with my son?

About a month later, Tommy met a young woman named Sara.

She had also dealt with career struggles amid Covid woes. They connected through business, and it soon became clear that it was much more than business.

Sara is a combination of warm sun and energetic joy, with a delightful love that flows freely. What a gift to Tommy's heart, just when he needed the encouragement. Just when we all did.

This past week, Tommy asked Sara to marry him. She said Yes!

Now Sara will be part of our family.

I’ll always remember hearing her name before I even knew her, but God knew.

Prayers were heard, and prayers were answered.

Congratulations, Tommy & Sara.


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