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Foggy Future

I was captivated by this wall photo. It’s so foggy you can’t see where the tracks lead.

Without knowing where the tracks are heading, which one should you take?

I remember that unknown feeling.

It seemed like getting on the wrong track was the story of my 20’s.

Back then, we hopped on a farming track, while having to jump tracks to make money on the side.

We finally found the track that led to our career.

As I stared at the tracks in the photo, I thought about my travels through life. I learned the fog ahead will never fully clear.

I also learned that even if you’re on the right track, there will still be stops along the way. There is always a reason to stop—even if we don’t know it right then.

Other times it may feel like everything is moving so fast you can’t get off. I learned to hang on.

My advice to those far younger than I am—you’ll learn things on your track as it takes you further down the line. And even if you can’t see it from here, other tracks are ahead waiting for your arrival.


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