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Find Your Inner Child Again

An interesting article wanted readers to recall what sparked their passions as a child. Those early years were at the heart of who and what we could become.

As young children, making money or worrying about what others thought about us didn’t matter—we could dream. The child could say, “I’m going to be the President when I grow up.” It wasn’t ego-driven, but by a desire to lead.

I wanted to be a teacher and stuffed toys became my students. I’d take extra time with Bunny who struggled to learn—something I was feeling too.

I didn’t become a teacher when I grew up, but I still love helping the teachers who are so dedicated to their students. I have a heart for students who struggle too. Part of my childhood passion continues.

As a child, I dreamed of playing the piano as effortlessly as my teacher. So, I would sit in front of the keys and pretend I was in a concert theater. It was my make-believe performance world, but it kept me from giving up.

Perhaps 2023 could be the year we go back and find our inner child. It was back when we could imagine big dreams. It was when the spark of hope was lit.

Maybe that spark will become a flame that sees your childhood dreams become real.

As Madeleine L’Engle said, “I am still every age I have ever been.”

I’m ready for the spark.


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