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Dog Days of Summer

August is National Dog Month —kind of appropriate with it also being the dog days of summer. I’m the proud grand dog mother to an effervescent Labrador named Annie, and a serious-minded German Shepherd named Flash.

They love visiting grandma and grandpa with our access to a nearby beach, squirrels to chase and never catch, and sleeping in tree-shaded grassy spots on a hot summer day.

Over our years of dog sitting, I’ve definitely seen their dog devotion at its best. One time on a beach walk with Flash I saw two deer in a desperate race against of fast approaching coyote. Without thinking about what could go wrong, I yelled, “Flash! Stop the coyote!” He leaped into action in pursuit of the coyote. When the deer escaped into the forest, I called him back. Mission accomplished.

Of course, the ever-loving Labrador Annie never fails to give everyone we meet a warm welcome with her effusive joy. She and Chad the UPS driver, have a very special relationship. Eventually, Chad got a Lab puppy for his family.

These two furry four-legged family members are loyal, genuine hearted, and willing to lick with as much love as you can stand. I’ve learned that dogs have the best moods—even when I don’t.

When I go inside for a while and then come back out, they run and greet me like they haven’t seen me in days. Their sense of time is far different than my own. For every day I live, it’s like a week to them.

I wonder if dogs are so loving and generous with their affection because they somehow know they have less time to give it away? For dogs, the time to love is now.

Maybe canines are God’s way of reminding us how to love as thoroughly and exuberantly as we can. In a world in need of more love, dogs certainly help. And Annie proves that if love has to sit and wait, it can still wag its tail.


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