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Cabin Fever

Okay. I had my turn with Covid.

But it didn’t announce itself loud and clear. It waited until I was feeling better from what I presumed was only a stomach bug—then I tested positive.

I’d been isolated already—since I knew I’d been exposed. So now I had to isolate even longer.

I’ve been keeping the cabin warm and cozy and drinking plenty of fluids, but the mental haze is the worst. I have little recall of anything I’ve read. My mind is too fuzzy.

Whenever I get sick, I realize just how little I understand the suffering of those who are even more sick. Covid has taken many lives far too soon—incredibly heartbreaking for families. I may have to be isolated, but I’m steadily improving.

Then there are those battling cancer—you’re an inspiration to me as you painfully fight through each chemo phase. Weeks and weeks of chemo—where you feel far worse as you wait for the prospect of getting better. Then there are others suffering chronic, debilitating health issues. You are probably battle weary, but you’re still pushing forward every day—no matter how bad you feel. You are all the true warriors in the sickness war zone.

I’ll be praying for each of you with far greater empathy. May God strengthen you as you continue your fight. You are worthy and worth the fight.


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