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Accidents in Reverse

My husband Tom is a safe driver. He could have been a long-haul truck driver for the tireless hours he can spend behind the wheel. His driving record is nearly spotless, except for the three minor accidents that happened while he was in reverse.

In his defense, it was in our truck that is tall and lacks a back-up camera. Two of the three accidents happened while he was thinking of me….once he stopped for roadside flowers and backed into a mailbox post. Then there was the time he’d forgotten to get me a string of Christmas lights, so he backed up….into a car that was so close he couldn’t see it.

No one was ever hurt, damages were negligible, and we are both incredibly mindful about accidents in reverse now.

But really? Am I more mindful about being careful in reverse? How about when things aren’t going forward in the direction I planned—am I still thoughtful and kind?

I’ve had a few accidents with my mouth when life is in reverse. And insurance can’t fix the damages caused by a destructive tongue.

When we recently used our truck to get some project supplies, I was reminded that the old truck has been faithful even though it’s taken some hits. May I remain faithful too. I’d like to get in fewer accidents with my mouth, going forward and especially while life is in reverse.

The one who guards his mouth and his tongue keeps his life from troubles. Proverbs 21:23


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