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New Releases for 2023

Karen and Tom Farris of Friday Tidings and United Dreams 

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United Dreams - Friday Tidings

Together Forever

You’ve landed on a website where dreams are talked about—where dreams are lived out in the ways they can, and where there is freedom in believing you can achieve your own dreams. 


United Dreams is not just a band name, it’s who we are. We hope there are ways you can be inspired for your own dreams. Look around while you’re here. Listen to some music. Read some thoughts for the journey on Friday Tidings. 


Feel free to come back. Dreams are fun to think about and even better to live out.

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Exclusive Release March 2023

Lifesongs is a collection of piano instrumentals written in love for those I have loved. The melodies represent strength, courage, loss, hope, war, love, life, and faithfulness.

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Holding Onto Your Dreams

Music is language that everyone can understand—instrumental music especially so. The piano melodies I’ve written come from a lifetime of experiences that relate to things many of us have felt—love, loss, journeys, joy, and wonder. These songs have traveled along with me and each one represents a person, a story, or a place that I’ve been. Even though our stories are different, music has a way of sharing the experience together in a way only music can.

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2023  Releases for United Dreams

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United Dreams EP

 Released  in 2022

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Featuring Change in Me

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Traveling Roads by United Dreams

Together Forever

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Try to imagine the life you only dreamed of as if it were possible to attain. Then go for it.

Tom Farris

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